International Financial Security Olympiad

16 May - 14 October 2022

Olympiad Profile "Financial Security"

The tasks are based on the following syllabuses:

  • For schoolchildren - on the basis of the curricula of general education subjects: mathematics, computer science, social studies, economics.
  • For students - on the basis of the main educational programmes of higher education in the following fields of study:
    • jurisprudence;
    • mathematics, applied mathematics and computer science, applied mathematics, mathematics and computer Science, fundamental computer science and information technology, computer science and computer engineering, applied computer science, information security, business informatics;
    • economics;
    • international relations, foreign regional studies.

Training materials

Lesson "Financial Security"

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Preliminary events of the Olympiad: May 16-20 2022

Final: October 10-14 2022
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